There has been ANOTHER discharge reported near Niagara Falls according to New York state officials. This, just a month after the “black water(waste water) incident where discoloured water flowed around the toursit area of the falls.


The latest is believed to be a rain-related sewer overflow and unrelated to a release last month that turned the water below the world-famous attraction black and foul smelling.

Department of Environmental Conservation Deputy Commissioner Kenneth Lynch said yesterday that there were reports of discolored water on the U.S. side of the falls, which straddle the border with Canada.

Lynch says heavy rains likely caused an overflow at a local wastewater treatment plant, but says the DEC is investigating to rule out any connection to the July discharge from the same facility.

The plant operators blame the earlier discharge on the flushing of a sedimentation tank in advance of upgrades. The DEC has requested a detailed report by Sept. 1.

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