(Main picture is 3 year old Brandy up for adoption at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.  For more information please click here.


With the end of summer fast approaching (what summer?!) comes the end of ‘Kitten Season’. Although cats can procreate year-round, it’s seems prevalent in the warmer months.  You could have fooled me, as we are almost up to capacity at the shelter with kitties awaiting their forever homes, both young and old.

For the rest of the month of September, all kitties 2 years and older have a reduced adoption fee of $75.00 at all Niagara Falls Humane Society locations which include the main shelter and our satellite adoption centres, Cats On Queen and For The Love Of Cats.

I will take this opportunity to showcase some of our older residents available for adoption at this reduced fee from Cats On Queen.

Meet Brandy (main picture), our lovely and vivacious 3 year old female black and white kitty.  She was a sorry sight when she first arrived at Cats On Queen: skinny and flea-bitten with a lot of hair loss on her rear quarters.  She was annoyed and very unsure of herself and her surroundings when she first arrived, picking fights with any cat that dared to look at her the wrong way.  However, she has since blossomed into such a beautiful little soul.  She loves to be pet on her head, enjoys naps on your lap, and has an adorable addiction to cat nip.  We call her our guard cat, as she will leap from wherever she may be napping to stop any fights which may arise from time to time (usually caused by our charming and rambunctious Jordan).  She would do well in a quiet home with older kids, and although she seems to tolerate the other cats now, no other cats.

Oh my heart!  Look at his face!  Just look at it!!!  Meet McDreamy, (pictured below) our very charming, very sweet-natured 8Y+ white male kitty who is a fairly recent arrival to Cats On Queen.  He is very quiet and loves to sit and observe the world go by.  He enjoys being brushed, which needs to be done daily as his coat is prone to knots.  McDreamy would love nothing more than to sit on your lap and gaze lovingly into your eyes all the while dispensing head boops to your forehead with abandon.  He tolerates the other cats, but does not seem to actively seek out their companionship, but he loves loves LOVES humans!  This boy has a reduced fee of only $60.00. For more information please click here. 


If you can provide a stable and loving home to any of our precious critters, please visit us at Cats On Queen, For The Love Of Cats, or the shelter to meet your new fur baby.  Here are a few more also available now. Below, young handsome Jordan.  For more information click here.



Below, Spice, a 7 year old Tabby.  For more information click here.


For information on all animals up for adoption, please visit the main website of the Niagara Falls Humane Society at: nfhs.ca

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