(Pictured: Renee Mauro, Professional Dog Trainer who works with the Niagara Falls Humane Society) 


Bringing home a new pet can be such a fun and exciting time but figuring out which is the right pet for you can sometimes be challenging. Let me start out by introducing myself, my name is Renee Mauro and I have grown up around dogs and worked in many different fields relating with dogs.

I started as a co-op student in a Veterinary Clinic then later moved on to grooming and eventually found my true passion with dog training. I volunteer for multiple rescues as well as national service dogs. I am honored to give back and make a difference for pets in need.  I hope I can shed some light in helping you pick that perfect dog. (Pictured below, Gumbo, up for adoption now.  For more information CLICK HERE).


Before you start thinking about which one looks cutest the real focus should be on how a dog will fit into your lifestyle.  There’s nothing worse then picking a dog and later wondering why he’s out of control and climbing the walls!  It’s about matching your activity levels and daily lifestyle.  So here’s where you can do your research and start to look up personality traits and characteristics of different breeds of dogs. See what it is that particular breed uses as its job or purpose and then see if you can fit that into your lifestyle.

You will also need to decide if you want to rescue a dog (which I highly recommend) or if you would like to get a puppy from a breeder.  Training, socialization, and exercise should be considered for either option.  When deciding on a rescue dog it’s always best to go and meet them at the shelter.  Ask to take them out for a walk so you can spend some time with them and get to know them. I’m sure within a few minutes you’ll have an idea if it’s going to be a match or not. (Below, Felix is a high energy Shepherd/Collie mix looking for a new home.  For more information CLICK HERE).


Ask lots of questions and get all the background information you can. If you have another pet or people at home its best to have an introduction done prior to bringing your new pet home with you. You want to make sure all family members are accepting of this new change that’s upon them.

On the other hand if you decide to go with a puppy it’s important for you to meet your puppy as well and the parents if possible. The parents will give you great insight to personality traits and behaviors. Again it’s great to ask lots of questions especially on how your puppy has been socialized or handled for his first 8 weeks of life. (Below, Precious is a hound mix who loves to play.  For more information about her CLICK HERE).



Lastly I leave you with bringing your puppy home. Leaving it’s mom and litter mates can be quite traumatic so making sure you have good routine and structure in place will be key.  I recommend starting with some puppy training classes which will not only get you the training but the crucial socializing that’s needed in early development stages.

And don’t forget a crate and getting your puppy used to the leash as soon as possible. Having your new puppy learning boundaries through the leash and proper positive crate training techniques will eventually lead them to becoming well mannered and balanced dogs. (Below, Carlos is looking for a place to finally rest his paws.  For more information CLICK HERE).


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