Main pic is Bonnie, an older gal with a $60 adoption fee.  Bonnie has been at the shelter since May and she is eager to flop over for belly rubs and is so sweet. You will have a best friend for life with this girl. For more information CLICK HERE.


We get many cats in with unknown histories many abandoned on the street left to fight with other animals for food. They are scared, fearful, under socialized and stressed. Other animals become a trigger and I feel so bad when I see a strong reaction from a cat who runs to the bowl thinking that it won’t be full the next morning and they try to inhale the food looking around and trembling or have a defensive reaction when they see another cat. When they arrive at the shelter, for many is can be scary at first but it is the first step at getting healthy and feeling safe.

After a day or so many of they are more relaxed and we give them time and use different resources to help them adjust and trust us. I love when I can help a cat come out of its shell and show its true personality. They just need a little push and lots of TLC. Going back to the single kitties although it can be harder to find them homes, it is so worth it as they have personality plus! I wanted to highlight a few of our long term residents who hold a special place with me as they are so sweet and overflowing with love. I look forward to seeing them but nothing is better than having them fly the nest to a permanent family. (Below, is Monkey! He’s a silly boy who is just so full of love and affection but does not share that love with other kitties. He has the most innocent demeanor and is like a little kid at heart. He has extra toes and seems to have personality plus! For more information CLICK HERE).



Nicolette is a 4 year old beauty who has been with us since late August. She loves to be “buttered up” first and is quite hilarious when she lets out a loud raspy meow to catch your attention hoping for some chin scratches. She loves to jump right up the moment she sees you. She loves catnip and playing with her tinsel balls. Here she is below. For more information CLICK HERE).


Freddy is a big boy who likes to roll over for belly rubs. He loves people but loves to bully his other kitty roommates, so he would like to be the only one in his new home. He has been with us since August. Freddy will need help from his new parents to lose weight so he will live a longer, healthier life. He has the playful spirit of a kitten and is such a big baby. (Below Freddie is pictured, for more information CLICK HERE)


Spirit is a quirky lively girl who always makes me laugh. She is always trying to grab as if to say, hey! Pick me. She is more interested in playtime than cuddles but loves to be pet and if you have some toys and catnip even better. She is such a doll who is eager to find her forever home. She has personality plus which makes up for her wanting to live the single life. She has been with us since September. (Spirit is pictured below.  For more information CLICK HERE).


For more information visit our website we have a lot more kitties many just like the ones I highlighted today , go check out their profiles and fall in love with your new family member!

The shelter kittens could use some help, we are running very low on canned cat food – any kind can be used and is greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at the main shelter 6025 Chippawa Parkway. We also currently have a Chinchilla up for adoption. Affectionately named Pikachu this sassy shy boy could use some more supplies to keep him happy – Chinchilla dust bath, pellets and Aspen shavings. If you are interested in adopting “Pikachu”  come visit him at the main shelter. (Pictured below.  For more information: CLICK HERE)


Check out this link for information on Chinchilla Care:

This week’s column provided by Alexis Bennett

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