Denise Robertson says a winning lottery ticket was bought with her ex and that they had an understanding that they would share any prize, but that did not happen…


Robertson’s lawsuit against her former partner, Maurice Thibeault and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation alleges the winning ticket was purchased with the understanding that any winnings would be split between the two parties.

Robertson alleges instead that Thibeault, denied that the couple had won $6 million in a provincial lottery and claimed the full prize for himself. She adds that she and Thibeault kept up a long-standing tradition and purchased a ticket for the Sept. 20, 2017 draw, but he later denied that it was a winner. (the couple from a Twitter pic, below)…lottery couple

Days later, she says that he packed up his belongings, left their home and tried to redeem the winning ticket. The OLG has since paid Thibeault half the prize while the rest remains in legal limbo.

Robertson’s suit accuses Thibeault of breach of trust and unjust enrichment and seeks the roughly $3 million that would represent half the winnings from the lottery ticket, plus an additional half a million dollars in aggravated damages. She is asking that a jury hear her civil suit.

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