The Skylon Tower is one of those places that is a great destination point whenever you are in Niagara Falls, ON….that goes for locals and tourist alike. (Main picture Annie from and Joyce from tour the Skylon Tower)


In case you haven’t seen it for yourself already, The Skylon Tower has incredible views at 775 above the Falls themselves.  This visitors can enjoy with a quick 52 second ride in the yellow elevator bugs up to the indoor or outdoor observation decks. (Below, a video tour of  The Skylon Tower)

The dining available at the Tower is another one of its great features because not only is there lots of variety for every palate, but those views are the focal point of every meal.

In the Revolving Dining Room, a 365 degree rotation takes place every hour while guests enjoy awared winning mediterranean cuisine. If you prefer a more casual style of eating,  The Summit Suite Buffet is just the ticket. An added bonus with both restaurants is the free ride up with your meal.

(Below, a quick tour of both restaurants)

Besides the glorious views and food, there is a lot going on in the Skylon Tower in the entertainment department which makes it a wonderful family gathering place.

First up on the main level you will find the King of Glass, Angelo Rossi, (pictured below), who is Canada’s first Cranberry Glass Manufacturer with 7 generations and over 50 years of glass blowing experience.  His expertise is recognized worldwide and he has produced commissioned works for some of the most popular names in mainstream culture and entertainment throughout his career, names like Sir Elton John, James Cameron and Jane Fonda.


Besides the magical experience of watching Rossi create glass art in front of your eyes, there is lots of other shopping opportunities at the Skylon including a mini mall built right into its base.

At the basement level in the Skylon Tower is an area dubbed the SkyQuest, the Family Fun Centre which is Niagara’s largest indoor entertainment complex with interactive games and rides for all ages.

Like watching movies? You’re in luck. Now playing at the Skylon Tower is the Niagara Falls attraction 3D/4D Movie “Legends of Niagara Falls”. Here you’ll experience the awesome power of the mighty Falls up front and close in amazing 3D/4D special effects.


Great entertainment for all ages, this thrilling Niagara Falls attraction will take you back in time to the geological evolution of the Great Lakes basin, the Niagara River and the formation of the mighty Niagara Falls themselves. You’ll experience first hand the native Indian legend of the Maid of the Mist and ride the magic rainbow that saved the Falls.

And there you have it! If you haven’t visited the Skylon Tower before, or, you have not been there in some time, it’s a great place to check out and explore!  For more information, visit their website at:

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