(Main picture a is Jimmy a loving Lab/Shepherd Mix.  For more information CLICK HERE).  Sometimes, when I sit down to write, the words flow through my fingers…


Maybe we’ve had something goofy, frustrating or sad happen with our cats, Bette and Hannah. Perhaps I’ve read a book or seen a piece of art that inspired me. More often than not, I’ve seen something “out in the streets” that feels like it needs to be shared. Like, seriously folks, don’t make your dog run along side your bicycle. Dogs will do anything to make you happy… even if it means running beyond what is comfortable or safe for them.

Of course, there are horrifying things I could share. Like, the sweet baby who broke her leg and wasn’t taken to the vet. It’s bad enough to read the words but I also saw the photo. I won’t share what *that* looked like… because it was far worse than you can imagine.

Sometimes, when I sit down to write, not only do the words NOT flow through my fingers… they don’t even flow to my brain. Today is one of those days. I think it’s because I’ve just returned from a visit with my parents. They live way across the country… and down a bit. Dad had a nasty fall and one hundred days later, he is still in a rehab hospital. It was a fantastic and emotional trip.

But I’m back at work now and trying to get back in the groove.

All the way home from work, I thought of this article. What would I write about? *Crickets* Know what I mean?

I came home, fed Hannah (Bette refuses canned food. Can you believe it? What kind of cat doesn’t like wet, smelly food?) and sat down at the computer.  *More crickets*

I thought of our cats. Bette, who is the epitomy of lush and lazy and Hannah, who thinks pulling every tissue out of the box and tearing it to shreds is hilarious. (PS: We do, too!)

I thought of how we’ve tried to “train” Hannah to calm down (haha! No, but seriously, we did.) How we’ve tried to get Bette to play and exercise (as if!).

How we’re so in love with these two… and our cats before them, Tess and Missy, who didn’t know each other but both crossed the Rainbow Bridge within a year.

I have so much to say. And nothing at all.

And then it occurred to me to write about something simple. Something that I know and believe. Something that doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Be kind.

Animals, especially those we invite into our household and family… deserve nothing less.

Be kind.

Figure out their unique personalities and run with it.

Be kind.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

A simple message… but oh-so important.

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beckaThis week’s column written by Sheryl Hutton.


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