The Port Dalhousie Beautification and Works Committee presents Dancin’ Through The Decades with DJ Dominoes, Saturday March 24th at the Port Dalhousie Lions Club.

Grab your tickets now for only $20 which includes a buffet for this year’s event and come dressed as your favourite TV icons and movie characters. See details on the poster below!



About Port Dalhousie Beautification and Works Committee

Port Dalhousie has a unique character that is enhanced by its natural surroundings and by the people that live here and it is the general consensus of the committee that certain areas within Port Dalhousie should be improved upon.

The BWC is not looking for “cheap, fast fixes”, Our goal is to ensure quality workmanship that reflects the style and character of the unique past, present, and future of Port Dalhousie.

The BWC believes in team work, community participation, and inclusive membership. 

The BWC was birthed from the idea that a private citizen group of volunteers can work together to achieve positive results that benefit the City of St. Catharines and its waterfront jewel.

Building positive relationships throughout our community, and gaining their support. Meaningful change can and will happen. 

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