Main picture is Owlette, an 8 year old gal looking for a new adoptive family.  For more information CLICK HERE.


I was volunteering at the NFHS Cat Centre (in Niagara Square) years ago. One of the new volunteers and I were standing in the back, surveying the centre, filled with cats. In fact, there were about 30 at the time.

She mentioned that she wanted to bring a cat home but it would have to be declawed. My jaw hit the floor. Surely, she had heard the stories about how declawing is done? Noticing my expression, she said, “What?”

Below, Spice is a nice older cat up for adoption now.  For more information CLICK HERE.


“You know they cut their actual toes to the knuckle, right?”

“Yes, but…”

She went on to list her reasons… which included her couch, her clothes and her … well, I can’t remember.

At the end of her reasons, she said, “I know what they say but my couch cost $1,000”.

I remember sighing. Loudly. How can someone who love cats enough to volunteer be willing to cut off their toes for the sake of … well, anything?

I guess the same kind of people who move and decide the furry family member can’t come along. Or the kind who has a child and then decides the furbaby is just too much trouble. Or doesn’t take their pets for needles, spaying/neutering or preventative care and the poor thing has the bad fortune to get sick or pregnant and becomes… a burden.

Below, Rolo needs a new home.  Could it be yours?  For more information CLICK HERE.


I don’t know why he have so many older cats at “For the Love of Cats” right now. They could have been a part of a hoarding situation or have found their way to the Centre for any of the reasons I listed above. For whatever reason, they find themselves without a home. We (too often) don’t know their history.

No matter what their stories, once they get to the shelter, they will find a measure of peace. They will be off the street, warm (or cool) and tummies fed. They will be socialized and hopefully, one day soon, will learn to trust again. But before that… they will be traumatized. They will be called by names they don’t recognize. No wonder so many of them are nippy and scared at the beginning!

This isn’t my usual heartwarming or jolly article. Sometimes, I look at the furry faces on the website and it breaks my heart. Today was one of those days.

Here’s the thing: The pets we bring into our homes are family. If you don’t believe that, nothing I can say will matter.

If you do… and you’d like to bring someone new into your family, there are lots here that would love a new family and you’re sure to find someone who will fit right into the puzzle at your place.

You can see all of them at

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Some dogs looking for a new home…

Gorgeous Piper below.  For more information CLICK HERE.



Below Bernadette Peters is a sweetie,  for more information CLICK HERE.


This week’s column written by Sheryl Hutton

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