Tim Horton’s is in the news again.  This time its about plans to do a major decorating overhaul to most of its Canadian locations over the next four years.


There is already controversy brewing in what some franchisees say is another “ill-conceived” move that will cost individual restaurant owners about $450,000.

In total it is estimated that the chain and its restaurant owners will invest $700 million to improve the decor by creating lighter, more natural looking exteriors, feature upgrades and open-concept seating, the Restaurant Brands International-owned chain said in a statement.

The company says that they are making the moves to respond to the new expectations of customers, however the decision has generated more animosity between the chain and an unsanctioned franchisee group, the Great White North Franchisee Association.

Earlier this month, the company held a call with franchisees explaining they wanted each restaurant owner to spend about $450,000 to renovate their stores, the GWNFA’s board of directors said in a letter to its members.

The company said Tuesday that costs will be split with restaurant owners on the same proportions as has historically been the case, but did not specify what those proportions are.

The board acknowledged many of its members “will have problems getting the finances in place to carry out these renovations” and called on the company to show a full costing of the renovation program, citing the current new plan as ill-conceived.

The board also  advised members, which make up about half of all of Tim Hortons Canadian franchisees, not to sign or agree to anything until more details are disclosed.

“This is just one more in the string of ill-conceived programs brought forward by a group of executives who do not understand foodservice, franchise operations or marketing,” the letter reads by the board.

What do you think…does Tim Horton’s need a renovation overhaul?

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