Niagara on the Lake residents can have their say and voice their ideas on what should be done with a former hospital property at 176 Wellington Street which was purchased from Niagara Health Services. (Main picture)


Those who participate are reminded  when thinking of ideas, please keep in mind that NHS has deemed this property surplus, and as a result, this site will not be a hospital.


The property  is located at the northeast corner of Wellington Street and Picton Street in Old Town, and to date has been occupied as a hospital, hospice, ambulance station, and medical offices. The property is surrounded by a mix of commercial, residential and institutional uses, and has Fort George to the east.

The current Official Plan designation is Open Space and Community Facilities, and the Zoning is Institutional. However, Council may amend the Zoning and designation of the property under a Planning Act process, to allow for the desired future use of the property. An interim control by-law is in effect for all lands zoned Institutional until January 2019; only existing uses of the property are permitted while this by-law is in effect.

Approximately half of the property (west of the intersection of Byron Street and Melville Street) was previously acquired from the federal government in the form of a land grant for the purposes of a vegetated buffer (see the map below showing area of grant).


This land is being returned to the federal government as required by the terms of the grant. As a result, less than half of the existing property is available for future use. Additionally, being adjacent to Fort George, the property has significant archaeological potential; an archaeological assessment will be required as part of any redevelopment of the property.

Have an idea for the future use of the former hospital site? Town staff  says they look forward to reviewing each submission!  To get involved, please visit the link HERE.

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