Niagara Region is developing a new Council strategic plan for 2019-2022 and they are looking to residents to tell them what they think they should focus on.  Got ideas?  Why not get involved!


Here are some of the areas of focus:

Infrastructure and Services

Transportation, roads and bridges, waste, water, senior services, child and family services, housing and homelessness

Environmental protection, driving sustainable development

Governance and Advocacy
Proactive leadership, fiscal responsibility, open government, advocacy for Niagara

Economy and Growth
Fostering an environment for jobs and prosperity, development supports

Health and Wellness

Public health services, bike lanes and pathways, ambulances and emergency services

Quality of Life

Safety, community planning, walkability, engagement, newcomer supports


What Has Been the Feedback So Far?

Economy and Growth:

Walkability, mixed use work and living spaces, having transit well integrated into the natural environment are valuable factors for strong neighbourhood building.

Quality of Life:

Promote Niagara’s image around attraction and benefits, affordability, cost of living. Rebrand Niagara like many others have such as Hamilton.-

Infrastructure and Services:

Support and encourage businesses to recycle by making it more accessible and cost effectiv

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