If you live in St. Catharines and have a rat problem, there is a new rebate program to be aware of.


The City is starting a pilot rebate program for 2018 that will cover 50% of the cost to remove rats from the exterior of a property, up to a maximum of $200 bucks.

Pest control companies must be licensed to assist with the removal of rats from the outside of a residential property (businesses excluded from program).

How the process works:

To be eligible for a rebate, you must first contact the City and have the exterior of your residential property inspected by a City by-law enforcement officer. To arrange for the inspection call 905.688.5601 ext. 1629 or complete the online residential rat control rebate program intake form.  Here are the steps:

A by-law officer will suggest tactics to naturally remove rats from your property.

If the tactics don’t prove successful you may then choose to hire an exterminator to assist with the removal of rats from the exterior of your property.

The Residential Rat Control Rebate Program is only available to residents who hire a licenced Ontario exterminator to assist with rat removal from the exterior of their residential property.

If you do not choose to hire a licenced Ontario exterminator you will not be eligible to apply for the City’s Residential Rat Control Rebate Program

Residents must have the exterminator complete a Contractor Rebate Form.

You will be required to submit receipts from your contractor as part of the rebate process, so be certain to get copies of all receipts from the contractor once they’ve performed their work.

Once the exterminator has completed their work you can apply for a rebate through the Residential Rat Control Rebate Program.


Rats are common in urban areas such as St. Catharines. The risk of rats spreading disease is low, but they can cause damage to homes and property.

While rats generally avoid contact with humans, they will enter your home to seek food, water and shelter if given the chance.

Rats can squeeze through cracks as small as a quarter, so it’s important to close up any cracks or gaps which can be used to enter your home.

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