Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the plan to make recreational pot legal by this summer will go ahead without delay despite push back from some officials to delay the process.


“We’re going to continue to move forward. We’re going to bring in legalization as we’ve committed to this summer on schedule,” Trudeau said this week.


A Senate committee report has called for more consultation with First Nations on taxation, education materials and addictions treatment before the legalization takes place .

Additionally, some provinces have raised concerns about the legalization plans, particularly as they will apply to home cultivation of marijuana. The federal pot bill, Bill C-45, would make it legal for Canadians to grow up to four cannabis plants at home, with provinces and territories being able to impose their own limits. Manitoba and Quebec say they will forbid home cultivation of any kind; a second Senate report this week recommended a similar outright ban.

Regardless of the controversy in timing, it appears that Trudeau is moving ahead and says that the federal government’s decisions on such elements of the bill were developed after years of consultations with experts looking at the most effective ways to cut criminal elements out of the sale of marijuana.

Trudeau also said that his government has absolutely no intention of legalizing any more illicit drugs.

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