President Donald Trump has accused Canada and Mexico of being what he calls “very difficult to deal with” on NAFTA negotiations and says he is not happy.


Trump made the comments outside the White House yesterday, adding,  “They have been taking advantage of the United States for a long time,” (no examples cited),  “But I will tell you, in the end, we win. We will win. And we’ll win big.” (no tangibles on what this means).

The U.S. president then said the three countries will eventually get along before throwing more verbal jabs seconds later, calling Canada and Mexico “very spoiled.”

Trump promised auto workers that whenever a new deal is reached, the outcome will make them “extremely happy.” The automotive sector has been a top-of-mind issue for negotiators from the start.

U.S. counterparts are enthusiastic about manufacturers moving their production lines to Mexico to save their bottom lines.

Overall, there remains significant uncertainty with when a new NAFTA deal will be reached. Trump campaigned on scrapping the 24-year trade agreement.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was also asked to weigh in on the president’s NAFTA comments about Canada being “very spoiled” and hard to work with.

Trudeau said that all negotiations are challenging and pledged to work “very, very hard” with American counterparts to reach an agreement.


The North American Free Trade Agreement is a treaty between CanadaMexico and the United States. That makes NAFTA the world’s largest free trade agreement. The gross domestic product of its three members is  estimated at more than $20 trillion.

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