The Niagara Regional Police Service are reminding everyone that they are changing the response protocol for intrusion alarms.


Starting July 1st,  the NRPS is transitioning to a no-fee Verified Alarm Response Program for residential and business intrusion alarms. You can CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL STORY WE DID ON THIS HERE.

The community is reminded that there will be a public information session on the new Verified Alarm Response Program at 7pm on Tuesday, May 29 Police Headquarters 5700 Valley Way, Niagara Falls which everyone is invited to.

Alarms by the numbers:

– The NRPS respond to approximately 6,500 residential and business intrusion alarms each year, 99 per cent of which are deemed false;
– The NRPS has over 32000 premises with alarms registered in the Niagara Region; and
– In the first quarter of 2018,  at 1342 calls, intrusion alarms were the 3rd highest call volume for the Niagara Regional Police.

For more information, please contact Superintendent Richard Frayne at

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