In an effort to bring further attention and deterrence to driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, the Niagara Regional Police Service will be reporting the names of those people who are charged with an alleged criminal impaired driving offence in the Region.


In addition to being charged, police say these individuals are also bound by a Ministry of Transportation 90-Day Administrative Driver’s Licence Suspension and are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle on a roadway. The public is encouraged to contact the Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Safety Hotline or Crime Stoppers to report those who are driving in contravention of the suspension.

The following individuals have been charged criminally with impaired driving by alcohol or drugs, driving with a blood alcohol concentration above 80 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, or refusing to provide a breath / blood sample.

Robert T. KENNEDY 48 years, Lincoln
Nur I. NUR 48 years, Burlington
Nicolas LABONTE 21 years, Saint-Therese PQ
Janina PRZYBYLOWSKI 57 years, St. Catharines
Eric WILSON 39 years, Shawinigan PQ
Darren W. MARCORETTA 48 years, St. Catharines
Derek J. G. DOUGLAS 31 years, Lincoln
Trevor A. JOHNS 29 years, Grimsby
Benjamin COBB-PERLMUTTER 23 years, St. Catharines
Shayne M. R. SPEAKMAN 28 years, Smithville
Ottmar BIERWAGEN 69 years, Grimsby
Jason A. TURCOTTE 39 years, Niagara Falls
Anne VANDERKNYFF 56 years, Dunnville
Michael BLANCHE 70 years, Grimsby
Richard A. JORDAN 39 years, Grimsby
Mark J. TREMBLETT 42 years, St. Catharines
Kyle A. NEWTON 60 years, West Lincoln
Hial V. HOLLINGSWORTH 52 years, Niagara Falls
Mumuni W. TONDORE 52 years, Bridgeport CT
Javante T. WESTON 23 years, Niagara Falls
Stephen J. VANT 54 years, Niagara Falls
Keith C. AMOS 38 years, Niagara Falls
Patrick E. CLIFF 32 years, Niagara-on-the-Lake

The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to reducing impaired driving offences through education and the apprehension of offenders through enforcement programs like R.I.D.E. Impaired driving is still the leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada and destroys thousands of lives every year.
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