If you are one of those Canadian travelers who is sick and tired of bags missing and overbooked flights, compensation could be just around the corner!


The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) outlined today a proposed new regulatory regime with specific financial entitlements for travelers which includes:

-A requirement for airlines to provide clear communications about flight delays or cancellations with regular updates by email, text or other methods.

-Compensation for flight delays or cancellations, which will vary depending on the circumstances and how much is in the control of the airline. For larger airlines, compensation can range from $400 for a delay of three to six hours, to $700 for delays of six to nine hours, and $1,000 for a delay of more than nine hours. There also will be new standards for passenger treatment during flight delays, including requirements to supply food and drink and access to electronic communications.

-Compensation for boarding denied a result of commercial decisions, such as overbooking. That compensation will be $900 for circumstances that lead to a late arrival of up to six hours, $1,800 for arrival delays of six to nine hours and $2,400 for delays of more than nine hours.

-Compensation for lost or damaged baggage of up to $2,100.

-Clear policies for tarmac delays. For delays of up to three hours, those policies require airlines to provide working washrooms, proper ventilation, food and drink and electronic communications. After a tarmac delay lasts more than three hours, the aircraft must return to the gate.

-Prohibiting the removal of seated passenger from a plane, except for safety reasons. They require the airline to rebook a passenger on a competitor’s flight if a delay extends beyond nine hours.

-Regulations that allow parents to sit next to their children without having to pay a fee


How Did This System Evolve?
The changes are  reportedly similar to the European compensation system, which is considered a global leader in passenger rights.  Experts in transportation also state that airlines here have had a lack of accountability that is not in line with international standards.

Have Your Say About New Proposed System

Canadians will have two months to comment on the draft regulations. The final regulations must be approved by cabinet.  The details will be published in the Canada Gazette this week (the official newspaper of the Government of Canada), and Canadians are being encouraged to submit their comments.

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