In September the Niagara Student Transportation Services began installing camera systems on buses transporting students in the Niagara Region.


The first offence notice was issued using the evidence captured on the camera system of a driver failing to stop for a school bus with its overhead red signal-lights flashing and its stop arm actuated.

The set fine for a driver committing this infraction is $400.00 plus $90.00 surcharge totaling $490.00 and 6 demerit points.

The set fine for the owner of the vehicle when the driver is not identified is the same fine of $490.00 without the demerit points.

The Niagara Student Transportation Services will have a total of 100 cameras in the near future.

Drivers and vehicle owners who allow others to drive their vehicles should be expecting a heavy fine and possible demerit points if individuals are failing their duty to stop for school buses.

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