Lots is going on at the Niagara Falls Humane Society and Welland SPCA this holiday season!


Are you overwhelmed with holiday preparations? Let us take care of your wrapping needs! A team of volunteers is doing gift wrapping at Seaway Mall right up until Christmas. Get your gifts wrapped, and feel good because all the money raised goes to help the animals. Visit our Cat Adoption Centre while you’re there!

We are so grateful to our supportive communities. Thank you for your gifts to the animals during this festive season. Your financial gifts, and gifts of food and supplies are deeply appreciated and touch our hearts. You show us that we are part of a caring and giving community.

On Friday a tiny kitten (main picture) was brought in to us, found abandoned in a grocery bag at the side of the road. This poor little cat was half frozen, itchy with fleas, and scared to death. He was crying and letting us know he was unhappy. Marilyn, one of our big hearted animal care staff fed him and then popped the brave little guy into her sweater to soothe and warm him and before long he was fast asleep and clearly feeling safe. She carried him around for hours as she worked. I’m happy to report that he’s healthy and happy and ready to find his forever family.

Monday was an exciting day at the Niagara Falls shelter. Two of our staff drove to Rochester to meet folks from the Grand Strand Humane Society in South Carolina. This badly overburdened shelter had reached out to us for help. They were coming this way anyway, because shelters from New York and New Hampshire were also helping out. We had plenty of room to help them, and it wasn’t a financial burden to our shelter because the cats were all fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and tested for both FIV and FELV.

Below, Smiley Ice would love to find a new home.  For more information please go HERE.

smiley dog (3)

Below, Tonya came all the way from Russia to find a family to love her.  For more information please visit the link HERE.




It was amazing to see all the cages lined up and to watch each kitty being re-located, talked to, played with and supported. Some of the cats will stay here at the shelter in our cat adoption room, some will go to our various pet store outlets, some to the Cat Adoption Centre at Seaway Mall, and some to the Welland shelter. We are so blessed to have so many options for the cats in our care. Every cat has the opportunity for a fresh start with a brand new family. It did our hearts good to consider all the lives that we helped to save.

Below, Huck looks a little sad and is patiently waiting for a new home.  For more information on this handsome guy please go HERE.


We also welcomed a puppy and two adult dogs from Manitoba this week. Our transfer program is successfully working to help underserved communities. It’s fantastic to be in a position to lend a hand in places where help is hard to find.

When we can reach out, we do, it is who we are. Every animal in our care is treated with fairness, respect and sensitivity. We will always advocate for the best outcome possible for each animal that comes through our doors.

If you’d like to get involved, please give me a call at: 905-356-4404 , or email me at cathy@niagarafallshumanesociety.com.

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