A complete home renovation project had a lot of parts in motion for Tracy and Mike so they knew that when it came to their organizational solutions and closets they needed to call in some design assistance.


The couple had successfully transformed an old kitchen and reworked the lower space on the home, but the upstairs bathroom and the functionality of the bedroom closets were issues that they knew they needed professional advice so they called Closets by Design Niagara for a free home consultation.

“Prior to the renovations we had very little closet space to begin with and no real storage on the upper floor bathroom which meant we were constantly running up and down the stairs for toiletries which was really inconvenient,” says Mike.

The couple knew they need to figure out a plan and their first attempt to do so landed them in big box stores looking for DIY solutions that might work as well as keep the costs down.

“We found that after looking around there was nothing we could get that would give us what we needed, so, instead we realized we needed someone to come in, understand our needs, then design and install what we were looking for and Closets by Design delivered.” says Tracy about the decision to call in the expertise of the Niagara on the Lake company.

The couple also loved the idea that their products would be custom made to their needs without having a huge price tag associated to it. (Below, hard at work on the closet in the local factory)


Another wonderful aspect of the Closets by Design experience that both Tracy and Mike loved was that there was so much to choose from style wise in the comfort of their home, while still having the peace of mind that everything was customizable to their very unique dimensions in their home

Below, some of the amazing designs that Closets By Design of Niagara features for closet spaces!


closet 3

When it came to the walk in closet, besides major organizational needs, Tracy and Mike have a unique home that that meant that they had unique organizational needs!

Because of their home’s layout, it was very inconvenient to go up and down the stairs in the mornings so they wanted a coffee maker and water station built in (and that’s what they got)!

Below, Tracy and Mike’s custom white closet featuring his and her shelving,  drawers,  hanging areas and a coffee/water station that maximizes ceiling height and organization beautifully.

Master Walk in Closet

The process was easy and impressive says Mike.  “The team at Closets by Design were professional and really thorough in finding out what we were looking for and how we wanted things to look when it was all done and they transferred that over really well.”

Plus, “the designer was great ” says Tracy, ” She just came in here and knew exactly what it should look like.  She knew what should go where and her input was highly valuable.”

Below, the soft close slides on the drawers and modern stainless steel hardware add a modern and functional appeal to the closet space.


Below, Tracy and Mike enjoy their morning coffee routine while getting ready daily in the amply appointed space. 

coffee in closet

Besides their specific needs being met says Tracy, “we just wanted it done professionally and we wanted it to look good and I am really happy with how it turned out!”

The other issue the couple faced in their home overhaul  besides the walk in, was a beautiful new bathroom that needed storage that would add both functionality and be consistent with the design sense.  Again, an excellent flow of communication between Tracy and Mike and the skilled designer from CBDN resulted in a successful project outcome on time and on budget.

Below, elegant paneled wood doors frame an extensive utility closet designed for the couple that gives them a huge organizational space as well as room for their specific storage needs.



Says Tracy about the entire experience: “The best part of the whole process is to actually have something functional at the end of it that works for us every single day.  It’s just amazing.  How Closets by Design designed it, brought it all together, how everything flows so nicely  with lots of storage in different compartments, it’s great!”

Mike reflects that he’s glad they called the Closets by Design Team for the projects noting that the quality of the materials far exceeded those that he found at the local hardware stores and the cost of the work was very reasonable and stress free.

If your home needs an organizational makeover that’s on time on budget and beautiful, the experts at Closets By Design Niagara welcome you to contact them for a no obligation in-home consultation today.  

From garages, to home offices, to guest bedrooms, closets and everything in between, they will custom create your solution in their Niagara-on-the-Lake factory and install it in your home.

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For more on Tracy & Mike’s CBDN story, see the video below:


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