Niagara Region needs  a better transit system, so will it get region wide transit to facilitate that goal?


Tonight’s Niagara Regional Council meeting will focus on that issue with councilors considering a motion to authorize Niagara Region to create a passenger transportation system serving all of the region.

The issue has been debated for 10 long years.  Consultation and feedback have been part of the process and it finally looks like there may be some movement.  A a triple majority approval is needed to enact the plan.

After tonight’s meeting the municipalities will get into the conversation if it is to go forward.

Delegations from a variety of business and community sectors will speak tonight in favour of plans as part of the deliberation, however there will be some opposition anticipated.

For example it is expected that Welland councilors will want to delay the project until 2023 based on an issue of outdated financial numbers.

Yikes – 10 years.

Let us know what you think!