About the Author Virginia MacDonald

Virginia MacDonald considers herself to be a Professional 'Amateur' photographer. Although she has graduated from the Photography Program at Niagara College, she feels she will always be a student of photography, since there is such a wide variety of equipment and so many techniques to master. Along with her career in photography, Virginia is a boat detailer, barber/hairdresser, wife and mother. Her life is busy with four children, two granddaughters, three dogs and three cats. Virginia is active as a volunteer photographer for the Niagara Falls Humane Society, photographing all types of pets in need of forever homes, Photography is Virginia's passion and she has fallen in love with every aspect. She loves to photograph nature, wildlife, children/newborns, family, pets and wedding photos. It is a rare moment, indeed, to find her without a camera in hand and she is happy to be a contributor to niagarabuzz.ca.