We all admire people that are successful, it’s a fact…be it in business or just life in general.

Often, it can be perceived that these “fortunate ones” seem to have it all so effortlessly… positive energy and the power of attraction that makes good things happen around them on a regular basis.

But, it begs the questions…are some just destined for greatness, or, in fact, are there some applicable rules, some day to day strategies that the everyday person can apply to make their chances of luck and success greater? Is there really a sense of mind over matter that can poise you for your absolute best in life?

With the advent of so many self-help books it definitely would appear that we can affect control over our destinies.  The following are a few techniques, that, if applied consciously on a regular basis,  are proven to markedly improve your chances for success.


Get To Know Yourself

Yes that’s right. It starts with looking within.  It’s not about aspiring to be an awesome musician when you can’t put two notes together; it’s about figuring out what skills you actually do best and honing these skills. Are you an incredible cook?  Do you listen and offer great advice to people? Perhaps you are one of those great money managers who knows all the tricks to save a buck but never go without. Whatever it is (and it’s something) own it….and hone it.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Focus baby! Whatever it is that you need to do to take that awesome skill and take it to the next level….ie. get that diploma in counselling, get a job in a restaurant to learn how the “pros” do things…make a plan and stick to it!

Nifty Thrifty

Every day we have decisions to make when starting up new ventures and when it comes to pursuing a business, a lot of these ideas have to do with money. Finding the most efficient methods aren’t always the first choice, they take a bit of legwork and research to get the best deal. Equipment, internet, you name it it’s a competitive world out there so do your due diligence and the dividends will pay off. Remember sometimes it’s how much you save that is as important as how much you earn.

Your Gut is Your Friend

SO many people ignore obvious red flags that their gut tells them are no-no’s. That person that walks through the door to apply for a job you’ve posted with an awesome personality but no experience (or phone number) you can reach them at. That great deal on Kijiji for a printer that works perfectly (but is out of ink currently so it cannot be tested).

Save yourself time, aggravation and eventually money by asking the right questions and if the math doesn’t add up…the math doesn’t add up.

Surround Yourself with Feel Good Folks

Environments affect human beings. Surrounding yourself with people that have a different work ethic, negativity, or close mindedness can be the difference between encouragement and discouragement and let’s face it….there’s enough pessimism out there already…you don’t need to let that into your circle.


As the saying goes a little planning goes a long way. Be thoughtful about what you have to do and how you are going to bite off the chunks one by one. Make a schedule that is well thought out yet be flexible to change it if it is not realistic once in motion.

Mama was right: Hard Work and Persistence DO Pay Off

Case and point Madonna. Best singer in the world…probably not. But, with a dog like persistence of recording, touring and using her “Blond Ambition” to morph with the ever changing times of the music world she is one of the biggest superstars the music industry has known in our generation (and let’s face it…practice DOES make perfect).

Remember, no one ever got to the top without rejection and a fierce determination to find their way to acceptance one way or the other.

The World is Your Oyster…Visualize!

Finally, to keep things in perspective just remember. You are an amazing human being and capable of ANYTHING. Believing in yourself and adhering to discipline can make all the difference from being in the winner’s circle, or,  just dreaming about it.

Go for it! You’re worth it.

SOURCE: Psychology Today, Ted

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