Ok this just in….crochet is not just for grandma’s blankets anymore!

In a funky spin on men’s fashion… colour and yarn have come together in a bold statement for the guy whose not afraid to stand out from the crowd!

Schuyler Ellers, who runs the Lord von Schmitt Etsy shop, creates dazzlingly colorful patterned crochet shorts out of recycled materials that are sure to please both the wearer and their stunned beholders (man or woman).

Ellers embraces every style out there, from form-fitting booty shorts to extravagant bell-bottom pants. Most of these fabulous pieces are made of recycled vintage crochet afghans; according to Ellers’ shop, “Afghan blankets are original pieces of folk art, hand made by artisans across America since the 1960’s and well before. With scissors and a sewing machine I transform vintage crochets into wearable sculpture!

For just over $85 bucks you can get yourself a pair of the shorts that are described as being made from yarn and LOVE!  Check them out on Etsy here: Crochet Shorts

SOURCE: boredpanda, Story of everything, YouTube

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