Just recently members of the Niagara Regional Police Service Gun, Gangs, and Grows Unit began an investigation into the production of a drug known as “shatter” from a Niagara Falls home. Shatter is formed by extracting all the THC from the marijuana bud. To do this one must use an organic solvent, in this case butane was utilized. Once the THC is extracted into a liquid, the butane must be evaporated from the substance, by using a vacuum oven. This process is dangerous as the butane fumes are flammable and explosive which not only puts the producer at risk but general public at risk also.


Police say as a result of the investigation, on Thursday November 12th a search warrant was obtained. At approximately 5:15 pm members of the Guns, Gangs, and Grows Unit and the Intelligence Unit executed the search warrant where two males were taken into custody. Police searched the residence and located a large quantity of shatter, marijuana, and cocaine. In total Police seized over $55,000.00 in drugs, as well as $2730.00 in cash.

Charged with 2 counts of Possession of a Schedule 2 Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking, 1 count of Production of a Schedule 2 Substance, and 1 count of Possession of a Schedule 1 Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking, are 27-year-old Stefan Jones, and 28-year-old Timothy Fader, both of Niagara Falls. Jones was further charged with 1 count of Possession of Proceeds and 3 counts of Breaching a previous release order.

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