A National Defence audit has found many of Canada’s military bases are falling apart because of underspending on the maintenance, repair and replacement of sewers, roads and electrical, heating and drinking water systems.


Adding to the problem, it’s reported that military officials have little to no information on the actual state of those municipal works, meaning the department doesn’t know how what needs to be fixed or replaced.

The audit, recently published on the department’s website, concludes that the risk of electrical outages, sewer backups and other service disruptions at military bases is set to increase and these issues threaten operations as well as the health and welfare of those living or working on or near the bases.

Canada spends less than one per cent of its gross domestic product on defence after several years of cutting down costs by the previous Conservative government. That is among the lowest of all NATO allies, who have all agreed on a two per cent target.

As for the Liberals, they are currently drafting a new defence policy, but have not said whether any new injection of money for the military is going to be coming.



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