“Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.” – Jim Davis (Main picture 5 year old Dorothy up for adoption now. For more information: CLICK HERE)


My friends know how much I love cats. I love dogs, too. And cows, and pigs. Animals. I love animals. Except snakes. I do not love snakes. I respect them but it’s not the same thing. *shiver* But I admit it… cats are my favorites.

I like that cats are so independent… not in how they care for themselves, because, let’s face it… cats are domesticated animals who need us to step up and care for them.

As an aside: I could use this space to preach to you about indoor vs. outdoor cats… and how barn cats who literally live on a farm are the only cats who should live “outside” because it’s dangerous out there, with coyotes and cars and such…

(Years ago, when I was a kid, we always had outdoor cats and their lifespan was… like… five years, tops. To be honest, usually three years or so. Not to be shocking or gross about this, but we usually found them down the street, pushed to the side of the road, after being hit by a car. This is not something I ever want to live through again. It also explains why our first cat, Tess, lived for fifteen years. She never went out unless it was by accident — once, she got out and it took an hour to find her. My husband and I were frantic. When we found her, in the neighbor’s backyard, she ran and jumped into my arms! It’s scary out there, I’m tellin’ ya)!

Anyways by “independence” as I mentioned earlier, I mean, the attitudes of cats. Dogs don’t have those kinds of edges. Cats think dogs should be embarrassed with all that tail-wagging and mushiness.

Pictured below, 3 year old Gigi, a Siamese mix up for adoption now.  For more information: CLICK HERE

Bette and Missy, our adoptee’s from the local Humane Society, who both came into our home after Tess died, are older cats. Bette is seven, Missy almost nine. They are as different as night and day! Bette is a lover, Missy a fighter… though both can go the opposite direction, if the mood moves ’em. And they are gorgeous. Bette is pure black with one dot of white on her tummy and Missy is what’s known as a Torbie (part Tortoiseshell / part Tabby)… so much beauty. They each bring something unique and wonderful to our little family.

Since I’m kind of new to writing for you, I’d like to introduce myself to you by way of our cats. They’ve all taught me lessons and I’d like to share a few of them with you, in closing.

1. A lot more communication goes on with your eyes than with your voice.
2. Purring makes everyone around you feel better.
3. Naps are essential.
4. Playing with unexpected things, like bits of fluff, balled up tin foil, or a bug is one of the joys of life.
5. It may look uncomfortable leaning your head on a table leg and sleeping but you wouldn’t do it if it were…
6. There is a time for preening, a time for loving, and a time for hissing.
7. Sitting in a sunbeam… on a bed… looking out a window with the breezes ruffling your fur… and with private thoughts of your own… is pretty-much perfect.


This week’s submission written by: Sheryl Hutton, NFHS Cat Cuddler

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