A plane on its way to the Niagara District Airport Sunday night after departing from Richmond, Va., was  found in Pennsylvania after missing for aproximately 24 hours and the three people on board have now been identified.


According to reports from the Pennsylvania State Police at Coudersport,  the identities of those involved include: Corey Mijac, 18, from St. Catharines, Benjamin Jeffries, 19, from Niagara-on-the-Lake and Rifat Tawfig, 25 from Niagara Falls.

Aviation officials lost contact with the single engine Piper Cherokee as it flew from Richmond, Virginia and search crews were sent out to find it. Search teams in Potter County  found the craft last night.  The plane was said to have changed course on its way to the Niagara District Airport to avoid a thunderstorm.

The National Transportation Safety Board will be in charge of the investigation and is trying to determine what happened. The St. Catharines Flying Club who owned the plane say they will cooperate fully with US and Canadian authorities to facilitate any further investigation.



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