In an attempt to appease the anger of the population as hydro bills go through the roof, Ontario has just announced a new deal to buy power from Quebec.  However the details of the deal including what we will actually pay now electricity under the seven-year agreement are still unknown.

It is known however that the pact –  which is said will save the province $70 million — will probably have only a “small” impact on household electricity prices but will trim 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.  That’s because Ontario won’t need to rely as much on natural gas-fired power plants while the Darlington nuclear power station is refurbished.


Montreal newspaper La Presse reports the agreement is worth one billion dollars, and suggests calculations for Ontario show it will pay five cents a kilowatt hour for the electricity.

Premiers Kathleen Wynne and Philippe Couillard signed the deal, which will see Ontario import up to two terawatt hours of electricity from Quebec per year.

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