(Main picture Carlos, a Roti Mix who has been looking for some time for his new family) For more information about Carlos CLICK HERE


I want to take an opportunity this week to highlight and begin exploring something that I have been looking at myself in my life. As I’ve begun to explore, reflect and think about my future, what I want, and how I want to do that, it’s opened up a new and refreshing experience of rebuilding and restructuring the game plan I want for my life.

Like any good coach we have to take charge of our life’s – we have to work at leading a life we want, a life we are actually living. If you’re like me, I’m tired of just surviving and getting by each day. I want to live and feel alive. Being alive. Doesn’t that sound enticing?

Reflection: to think deeply or carefully about

Seasons change just as we all do whether we like it or not; are we here to be observers watching life pass us by, or are we here to reflect, and jump back in the game ready to take charge? What have you been talking (or thinking) about for some time and haven’t had the courage to do? What is that one thing that you know you really need to get done? For some, it’s ending a relationship that just isn’t going to work out – and you know it, so why hold on? For others, theres a habit or addiction that we try to fool ourselves about – that voice in the background, our consciousness, is telling us to kick the habit. Stop pretending that you don’t hear it and just do it already. Move forward – yes, that’s scary, but I know you can do it. You know the good and bad people in your life. Get out the scissors and start cutting out that bad. You know it’s meant to be done, right? And for others (and that’s you too), there’s that project you want to complete, that girl you want to marry, that hobby you can make some money from – jump in, get dirty and life life to the fullest! Reflect in on yourself, your journey over this last year, and start thinking ahead – where will you be in the next year? Now – where will you be in the next year if you step out of your comfort zone and do what you’ve wanted to do?

This week over my lunch hour, I stopped in to visit the animals. What really impressed me was the dynamic display of different and distinct breeds currently at the shelter. There are so many different dogs there this week. I was quite impressed with the selection. As sad as this is to point out, I have to. Each and every one of those beautiful dogs had a longing in their eyes for someone to walk in and take them home. It breaks my heart to see them in there – abandoned and alone in a cell. Please, if you are able to, come take one of them home – they need care and love just like we do. I was mesmerized when I saw Hannah (pictured below). Look at those eyes! A picture doesn’t do them justice! You have to come in and see her in person. There’s an eternal depth in those eyes that drew me in. She is waiting for you to come and get her today! I know that she’s going to add an incredible amount of positive energy into whomever takes her home. For more information about Hannah,  CLICK HERE.



Rebuilding: to build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed

“We are not defeated when we are worn down, just exposed anew at a deeper level.” Sometimes, life sucks! Be honest and own it. Life is messy. Life is also great. Life comes in every shade, colour and hue. We all know it. We all try and deny it at times too. It’s the lies we convince ourselves of that keep us stuck in the mud. Lets use that time we have just spent reflecting and start to rebuild. Life decays us. It can rot us. But life can also work for us as it rots out those old areas of our life. We’ve all had crappy experiences and trauma – that’s what’s part of being a human being alive on this planet. We’re not robots who are immune to feelings, immune to betrayal and loss and hurt. We are living breathing creatures. We are alive! We can and will rebuild if we commit to it. We all have special sets of skills and talents. We know this! We know we are all unique and different. We all have a story to tell in the human puzzle known as life. I encourage you to take those ideas that you’ve just reflected upon and begin to rebuild. Begin to live again. Begin a new journey in your life. Start by being selfish to yourself for once in your life. Be irrationally selfish and grow into the person you were meant to be. Embrace yourself. We were told, and are led to believe, that we have to wear a different mask for the different areas of our lives. For some, they “act the part” in their 9-5 business casual lives – but really aren’t happy. Now is the time to use that unhappiness as momentum, as fuel to propel those dreams and aspirations into a reality. You can and will rebuild your life. I am confident in your abilities to do this.

Pictured below Butler, at the Niagara Square Adoption Centre.  For more information CLICK HERE



Recently, my wife and I were able to save a cat from having to go to a shelter. She’s blended well with our other animals (if you’ve been reading my articles for some time, you’ll have an understanding of all the animals we have). We have two locations that feature the cats ready for adoption – one at the main shelter, and another at our secondary location (who many of you love and are very familiar with) at Niagara Square. All of our cats come spayed and neutered, so you don’t have to worry about other costs and vet bills to do so. Our application is easy to fill out and the approval process is straight forward. You can take a cat home, such as Cinnamon Bun (pictured below).  For more information CLICK HERE.



Restructuring: to reorganize with a view to achieve greater efficiency or to adapt to a changing environment

With reflection out of the way, you began to unlock that excitement – can you really take that next step? Yes? And you’ve started to think about how to rebuild and do it? Great! If I am successful so far (I hope I have been), than maybe you can begin to think about how you would restructure your life, your goals, your ambitions, and most importantly your dreams. I like dreams. Would you like to know why? It’s because in life, I have had dreams. And you have too – be honest with yourself. My dreams don’t remain dreams forever though. It’s not like a Disney movie. I have harnessed these ideas that I have talked about today and used them practically. This isn’t a big motivational speech or pipe dream that has no traction in the real world – these ideas do work – and I’ve seen it time and time again. I’ve read about them in books, seen them in seminars, and experienced them in life changing transformations. If this seems too good to be true, reawaken your imagination and begin to reflect and dream again. I know you’re capable to imagination – you were a child once. But, for a lot of us, we stopped imagining and locked that away as life kicked us in the gut one too many times, leaving us breathless. Think about what you can do this week to start rebuilding and restructuring your life. Architecture is constantly changing with the times. What good is it to anyone if your blueprints call for you to make a rusty old chapel next to a megalithic structure? We can all build a monumental work of our, called our life – it just takes dedication and direction to do so. Remember – it took them hundreds of years to build the pyramids. The people behind the idea never lived to see the finished project. Keep that in your mind.




Right now we have not one. Not two. Not three. Three squared! We have six rabbits at the shelter patiently waiting for their Forever Homes. Don’t fall for the myth that a bunny is a “starter animal.” The idea of a “starter animal” is something some marketing company fabricated to appeal to sell more animals for profit. The sad reality is that people continue to exploit animals for a financial gain – this is common knowledge. Pictured above is one of our cute buns, Tulip.  For more information CLICK HERE.

We have a ton of upcoming events that you can join us in! Check us out online – on Facebook – on our website. We want to post your pets in their Halloween costumes! Submit those pics to our Facebook page!

And just a reminder, these two bonded dogs below, are still looking for their new forever home.  Could that be yours?

This week’s submission written by Christopher Dalton.

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