(Main pic is Carlos a Rotti Mix who is 2 years old and now has been waiting for a home for a year at the Niagara Falls Humae Society.  Click HERE for more info).


“So how long does this guy have before you put him to sleep?” It’s a question that still upsets me no matter how many times I hear it. I know they aren’t necessarily asking to be hurtful, it’s an unpleasant reality that exists at shelters all over the world. Coupons expire, milk can sour and bread will mold, but our animals are forever….well at least until they find their forever homes that is.


When an animal enters the shelter we always have to keep in mind that this may be someone’s misplaced family member. We do what we can in order to find their owners if there are indeed ones to be found. If their holding period is up and no one has come forward to claim them, they become ours. We will then assess their temperament and overall health so we can get them what they need. Often shelters are portrayed as dark places where animals only have a limited amount of time before they are euthanized. We are desperately trying to break away from that stereotype and have the public see us for what we truly are…..a society dedicated to helping animals.



There are times when the public finds stray animals and due to these misconceptions, will not bring the animals in to the shelter. This can be very detrimental to the animal’s wellbeing, as this pet could be microchipped, have an owner who has filed a lost report or even have a medical issue that needs to be addressed. Also, legally, a shelter is a place where an animal can change ownership if a previous owner does not come forward.


It is not always easy to care for every animal that comes through our doors. Whether it is due to aggression, medical or age we have to be able to financially handle each situation. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated to help with these costs.


Our mission here is always to have the best outcome for all of our animals. We will take as much time as needed to ensure they are going to their forever homes. With that being said, this Thursday, April 6th, “Carlos” our longest resident will be having his one year anniversary party. He came to the shelter last April and is still looking for someone to give him a loving home. He would do best in an adult female home, as he can become fearful of men and children. Please join us in celebrating him here at the shelter from 1pm-3pm.

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