(Main picture is August, up for adopton now.  For more information CLICK HERE).  


Summer is the time when blockbusters boom at the box office. What if I told you, dear reader, that YOU can play the magnificent role of a superhero by volunteering at the Humane Society? Let’s create some feel-good stories together!

Is your summer not meeting the grand expectations you daydreamt of over the colder months not too long ago? Perhaps your schedule has been void of fulfilling activities and excitement, and you are in need of something to help pass the time. There are days that stretch on and on, as if the heat is melting the clocks on our walls, with all motivation being sweated out through our pores.

Allow me to suggest some ways in which you can occupy your free time, may you be so inclined.   (Pictured below, cute Newt.  For adoption information CLICK HERE). 


Since the Humane Society has 2 new locations for their cat adoption stores, we have been looking for volunteers to help out at these two locations, Cats on Queens at 4428 Queen St., Tuesday to Saturday, 10AM-5PM, and For the Love Of Cats at 3770 Montrose Rd. unit 7, open Monday to Friday, 10AM-5PM. We have not had too much luck finding people who are willing to volunteer on Saturdays. You will get to engage with fellow cat lovers and of course, the fuzzy little friends themselves. Are you interested in helping out? Call Moe at For the Love of Cats, 905-356-6365, or Bonnie at Cats on Queen 905-356-4409 for more information.

(Below, long time resident Carlos is looking really dapper in his scarf!  He would love to have a home.  Could it be yours?  For more information on this 2 year old boy CLICK HERE)


The shelter is currently full of such a wonderful variety of pooches! Ones that puzzle you as to how they could be abandoned or given up on. No matter the context of their pasts, it goes without saying that they all deserve an outpouring of love and support. Volunteers make a huge difference when it comes to socializing dogs with certain quirks, and for those who need a refresher course on what it is like to be shown affection.

(Below, Charlie.  A smiley guy who wants a new adoptive family.  Could it be yours? For more information CLICK HERE).


If you are an animal lover whose calendar has blank spaces in need of filling, we would welcome you with open arms if you would like to volunteer. Fill out the application online, we’d love to hear from you!  For more information CLICK HERE.

This week’s column written by: Alexandra Marianne 

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