Main picture is Maple a Shepherd, Husky Cross who is part of the Niagara Dog Rescue Program and is currently being fostered at Martindale Kennels and Grooming.


Besides my children being born, for me, there is no greater reward then rescuing a dog in need. I have been actively involved with rescue groups and the Humane Society for many years.

For many seeing a dog that has come off the streets extremely malnutritioned or a dog that’s been neglected or abused is just too hard to see. But I see opportunity. I see a chance to show a dog that not all humans are cruel. That there is a place in this world for them. And it’s a place that provides comfort, stability, love and support. I see a dog in a negative situation and think of the possible ways to get it to the positive side. It’s how I live my life really. Things happen that knock us down but it’s how we respond and continue on from it.

I’m currently the manager at Martindale Kennels and Grooming (soon to own it!) and I couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Niagara Dog Rescue. We currently have 5 dogs at Martindale Kennels & Grooming who are waiting for a loving home. Please check out our Facebook page and like us, share the videos and pictures of our rescue dogs and with your help we might just find them they’re perfect forever homes. Below, Pokey!  Up for adoption now at Martindale.



My goal is to have these dogs adopted right out from our kennel. Being in this position I’m able to offer a safe place for dogs that would not have had anywhere else to go. Just knowing I’m playing a direct role in keeping these dogs off the streets warms my heart. I want to get rid of the stigma behind kennels and let people know when their dogs are in our kennel they are truly cared for and loved like they are our own pets. The same goes for any of these rescue dogs we have in our care. We are always assess them and give as much information back to Niagara Dog Rescue in order to help find that perfect home.

Here are some dogs available at Niagara Pet Rescue NOW:

Denny below.  Read his profile HERE.



Below, Rihanna.  Read her profile HERE.


We have become a team and are solely driven at helping these dogs in need. Any information we get we relay right back to them which allows them to update their website and help find that perfect person or family for the dog. As much as it’s my goal to place a dog in a loving home it’s also my goal to make sure the dog(s) stay there and don’t have to go back to the rescue.

Below, Roxy. For her full profile please click the link HERE.



I’m hoping someone out there reads this and we can make our next adoption right from Martindale kennels and Grooming. How cool would that be! So let’s rally together and find these dogs some amazing homes, I know they’re out there!

This week’s column written by Renee Mauro

Renee Mauro is a longtime volunteer and supporter of NFHS. She assists us with training advice, support for challenging dogs, and also provides shelter and grooming for shelter pets in need. We’re blessed to have her on our team. Support Renee in her work to help every animal who crosses her path!

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