Shawnee and I met about 7 weeks ago. She was a stray brought into the shelter. She looks like a baby panther, sleek black fur and beautiful round yellow eyes like two perfect full moons.


When she was ready to go to our Adoption Centre she was sent there. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a happy environment for her. Shawnee, to date, had lived a life outside and fended for herself with few animals or people around. She is obviously very independent and has some very unique habits.

At the Adoption Centre she was surrounded by cats, people and hands, big and small. It wasn’t her thing, so she hid. She eventually was put in a cage for her safety, but she hid under her bed all day and only came out at night. Not a good life for anyone.

Here’s where I come on the scene. I wanted to do some fostering so I went to my boss and we discussed Shawnee. It would be a perfect match. I’m not a people person, I like my space, don’t try to cuddle me unless I ask you to. It was hoped that Shawnee would come out of her shell if she had her own space.

So far, she has trained me well. We have a deal, I leave her wet food out at night and she leaves me poop in the morning. She stays under my bed all day until it gets dark. When it starts to get dark out, you have to move around carefully not to scare her. She is starting to explore at little more at night. Though it’s hard to see her, it’s a little creepy at night when you realize that there are two eyes starring at you from across the room. I’ve been asked to get pictures of her, but all the picture would show is eyes.

I have never heard her make a noise, no meow, purr, growl not even a fart but then the other day I heard her sneeze. I want to rearrange my bedroom, it will be interesting to see what she does then.

…to be continued…

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This week’s column written by Linda Turner, NFHS Volunteer

Note from Cathy: I am so touched by Linda’s acceptance of Shawnee just the way she is. Just like us humans, all cats have different personalities. Linda’s calm, reassuring presence will help Shawnee to find peace, and has increased her quality of life beyond measure. Thank you Linda, for your commitment and perseverance, you’re amazing.

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