The first 100 days in office…


Doug Ford celebrated his first 100 days yesterday night in Rexdale with a crowd of his supporters saying “‘It’s been a busy 100 days of action, the likes of which Canada has never seen before.”

Ford, took the opportunity to list the many accomplishments made over the past few months as well as how his government has put more money back into the pockets of Ontarians. He cited in particular home heating prices that are “down on average of $260 per year, gas prices dropping almost five cents per litre” and “hydro bills that are down more than $750 million” which he added that consumers can expect to dip even further.

Ford commented that the cap-and-trade carbon tax was also finished and that “no matter what, we always fight to keep the government’s hands out of your pockets.”

Other changes of note included OHIP+ where the PC government announced big reforms putting the focus on prescription drug coverage for those that actually need it, cancelling hundreds of green energy contracts for nearly $790 million in savings (the government’s number) for ratepayers; opening up Ontario’s cannabis retail to the free market as opposed to the Liberals’ state-run plan and the stopping of the Drive Clean Program.

The Progressive Conservatives secured a majority government in the last election,  defeating the rival New Democrats and reducing the Ontario Liberals to just seven seats after 15 years in power on June 7th.

On the campaign trail, Ford never stopped telling Ontarians that if he was elected, a Ford government would do things radically different. On that note, it would seem that he has delivered.

Let’s see what happens in the next 100 days.

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