Main picture, the team gets ready to pick up animals in Windsor.


It’s another exciting week here at the Niagara SPCA. Some of my colleagues were off to Windsor first thing this morning. A shelter in Indiana reached out to us for help, and since this is our quiet season, when our animal population is low, we were happy to have the opportunity to assist. The animals have been spayed and neutered and all their medical care is up to date. The Indiana folks are bringing twenty cats and kittens, and four dogs to us, and trusting us to find them wonderful forever families. They have a 2 and a half hour drive, and it’s four hours for us. Windsor is the nearest border, that’s why it’s the meeting spot.

We love working with like-minded partners, organizations who share our beliefs, standards and goals. Helping others will never take precedence over our local animals, of course. But our region’s spay/neuter programs are so good- they work! There is still progress to be made, but in our region, there are far less unwanted animals than there were even a couple of years ago, and it just keeps getting better. So we’re happy to be able to help. Saving an animal is saving an animal, no matter where they come from. The warm hearts of Niagara embrace all the animals.

Last night, two pups arrived from Manitoba. Working with the Save-a-Dog Network, we agreed to have the dogs flown to us. There are puppies freezing to death in Northern Canada. Our friends at Save A Dog Network Canada work tirelessly to help dogs in the north find forever homes. Did you know you can help, too? Sponsor a flight to save a northern dog. It’s only $105. Contact me for information on how to donate. The Save a Dog Network helps dogs in need in northern Canada. They send rescued dogs to other parts of Canada where they can be re-homed. The northern communities face unique issues including scarce or costly resources, and the animal overpopulation compounds the problem.

Rescuing animals, reaching out a helping hand, finding creative solutions to help animals everywhere is who we are. As Tammy, our Animal Care Manager, always says, “it’s ALL about the animals.” Far away or in our own backyard, we are committed to finding solutions to animal issues and to successful adoptions for all animals. Currently we enjoy robust partnerships with organizations in Russia, North Carolina, Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Where we are needed, you will find us getting involved.

Come visit our booth at the Home and Garden show March 29-31. Dog Trainer Renee Mauro will be there to answer your dog behaviour questions.

We are thrilled to be hosting our biggest annual fundraiser, our 24th Annual Gala Dinner Auction on November 2, 2019, at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls. This year we have a medieval theme planned. It will be a spectacular evening including live and silent auctions, a buffet feast, live entertainment, music, dancing and games. If you would like to donate an item for our auction, buy tickets, or become a sponsor for this event, please call me for more information. And I have an idea for you, why not plan to have your family or work Christmas party at the Gala this year! Help the animals and save yourself some party planning. It’s a win-win!

We also have our Will Campaign fundraiser happening until the middle of April. A basic will, continuing power of attorney for property and power of attorney for personal care will cost an individual $550.00 and a couple $750.00, a $50.00 savings, with no disbursements or HST, and all cheques made payable to the Humane Society. If you are interested, please contact Korinne, at 905-688-1125 extension 3272 or

If you need any information about things we’re doing, or you’d like to volunteer, please call or email me any time.

Cathy Fugler

905-356-4404 x 223


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