We are full of thanks as 2019 winds down. I hope you have been following our Facebook posts. So many animals have been adopted in the past few weeks, it warms our hearts to think of all of them having a loving, safe Christmas, some of them for the very first time. ( Main picture Cooper!  A great little guy looking for a home for some time. Please go HERE for more on him!


I know in our family, and in many of yours, our pets receive gifts like any other family member, and our pets love the extra laps to sit in and the extra hands to pet them. It can also be a stressful time with unfamiliar people and routines, and good pet parents are attentive to that.

Below, Walker a hound mix who came all the way from the South to find a new home.  Please visit the link HERE for more information.


I was talking to Dave McMahon this morning about animals and Christmas. Dave is a great supporter of the work we do, and a strong advocate for careful observation, training and understanding for all dogs.

Here are some of Dave’s thoughts: “It’s a great idea to leave the dog’s crate door open, so the dog will have a place to retreat if they feel stressed or overwhelmed with Christmas festivities. It’s important that the dog is always able to access the crate whenever they want to retreat to it. The crate should be warm and comfortable, and have some chew toys in it. And remember to walk your dog daily.

Below, 3 year old Chad is looking for a new family!  For more information go to the link HERE.



Even when you’re busy, it’s good for you and great for your dog. The exercise is necessary for your dog, and they will be happier and more content if they have it. It’s important to use a paw protector ointment on long walks to protect their feet from ice and salt. A good pad protector works as an insulation barrier to protect a dog’s feet from cold or hot temperatures. I recommend Musher’s Secret, which is 100% safe.

Make up some frozen Kongsickes and have a few in the freezer. You can put so many nutritious tasty things inside the dog’s favourite Kong toy, and this could occupy them while you are having your holiday dinner. Some all natural peanut butter with a wedge of peeled apple, frozen in the kong makes a delicious treat your dog will enjoy. Freezing just makes the treat last longer.

Below, handsome ICE!  He is super friendly and a lab mix, for more information click the link HERE.

When your company arrives, put your leash and collar on your dog. Don’t allow the dog to jump up. Wait a few minutes with the dog by your side to calm down. Once things have settled, you can allow the dog to visit with the visitors. Tell your visitors what you are doing so they understand.”

Luckily, cats and holidays can mix, and there are some things you can do to help with the stress your cat may be experiencing at this time of year. Stick to their routine for feeding and playtime. Provide a peaceful place for them to go. Keep introductions casual, allow your cat to initiate the contact.

Below, Huck is looking a little sad as he waits for his new adopters.  Could it be you?  Please click the link HERE for more information!

We need you to be part of our animal-caring community. There are so many ways you can get involved. Volunteer to cuddle cats or walk dogs, be a flight buddy or sponsor, host an event, donate items from the wish list, share your time and special talents with us. Contact me, let’s talk about it!

Our heartfelt thanks and a very Merry Christmas to all our supporters and friends. Let’s make 2020 the best year yet for the vulnerable animals in our communities. Together we will make a huge difference.
Cathy Fugler

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