About the Author Kevin Erb

Kevin is the managing partner of Niagara Sports Xpress. As a contributor to Niagarabuzz.ca’s sports content section he is excited to bring you the regions best sports news.. After graduating from Brock University with a Bachelors Degree in Leisure Studies in 2010 where he learned the value of partnerships and community building. You may have seen his community magazine that is a free publication distributed to Niagara’s sports community. He takes promotion of local sports seriously, he firmly believes that giving people a chance to participate begins with providing them with the knowledge. He is passionate about youth programing and promoting opportunities. Sports help to give our youth the opportunity to meet friends and become leaders. Kevin is dedicated to his work in Niagara “Helping to fill that gap and provide people with life changing experience is a pretty cool feeling”. You can find more of Kevin’s work at niagarasportsxpress.ca or follow his on twitter @sxp_niagara or facebook Niagarasportsxpress.ca.