If you’re looking for love online….now may be the best time…or ahem…provide you with the best “selection.”  This according to popular online dating site Match.com which says there is a 60 per cent spike in new online dating profiles between Christmas and Valentines Day and Sunday is the “big” day for new profiles to get loaded up the first week of January.  The reasoning behind the surge says Match is a combination of  breakups over the holidays and New Year’s resolutions to find true love.


Other online dating services have also reported increases in traffic at this time of year. Zoosk.com says their new registrations increase by 18 per cent in the first week of January.

According to the Plenty of Fish blog, the date for love seekers doesn’t change much each year either because the holidays have a way of constantly reminding single people of their relationship status with an unrelenting stream of love-based messaging. First it’s every other commercial seems to be for jewellery and then the mistletoe shows up at the Christmas parties and the list goes on.


Add to that that the winter days are short and cold, social lives usually aren’t at an all-time high and the signups continue. Plenty of Fish claim their new membership is over 20%.IDAYSONLINE DATINGPLENTYOFFIS

January also marks a fresh start for the online dating industry

After a year that saw a high-profile hack into Ashley Madison the secretive dating service for married folk, it would appear not much has happened for change in the industry despite the big hooplah that first erupted when members names were leaked

What ever happened to that big case?  Not much and months later as public interest in the case has faded Ashley Madison has yet to spur concrete changes in web security or the online dating industry.

The Takeaway: 2016 is a fresh start for everyone….love included.  Whether a higher selection of possible mates will increase your chances of finding romance is debatable.  But ensuring that  your online information remains secure is still primarily your responsibility.  Happy dating!

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