From time to time a publisher comes out with a fabulous book, and this is one of them.


This massive volume contains the contents of eight book: WordPress Basic, Setting up WordPress Software, Exploring the Dashboard, Publishing Your Site with WordPress, Examining SEO and Social Media, Customizing the Look of Your Site, Using and Developing Plugins, and Running Multiple Sites with WordPress.

This is not a small achievement. Millions of bloggers, web developers and others use WordPress to reach many more millions. In an environment where companies such as Microsoft and others ask you to pay for product, WordPress comes to you at no cost.

For that free feature, unfortunately, it takes a long time to understand how to use WordPress. This book provides the proper instruction well-paced, and written logically.

Security matters are key to this book. When some hackers appear to get into any site they like, WordPress offers solid advice on how to protect your work. Yes, it can be tedious to read through the material, but the end result is a site that is strongly defended.

There is a great chapter on dealing with comments and spam; another shows how to create a social media listening hub; and yes, there is a fine section on to understand analytics for your site.

In short, this massive work, readers will find multiple ways of how to stay engaged, safe and connected.

Summary of Book Information:



Wiley Publishers

840 pages

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